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Friday, September 26, 2008♥

The Potpourri Collection
*** SOLD OUT***
Sorry for being later than promised, dearies!
We know we said there might be a short break for us after the last entry, but we couldn't hold back anymore once we found these beauties!
So this would be our last update before Raya.

** All items vintage unless stated**

(click to see clearer view. apologies for the small pics in the posts)

#1 Mary Poppins

Delicious dress in a sweet, pale yellow colour with eyelet and embroidery details at sleeves and hemline! Edges of hemline are scalloped too! Elastic band at waist.

Fits up to UK12

#2 Paisley Textures Minidress with a row of buttons. May look plain but wait...
Such a beautiful fabric texture!
Colour is more like in the second pic. Pictures do this one no justice, trust us!
Buttons do not unbutton, dress is worn by zipping up at the back.
Colour is a slightly deeper shade of red.
Fits up to UK10
(sadly, model can't fit, so dress is just held up)

#3 Playschool Girl
Adorable is the best way to describe this.
Minidress (model pairs with tights as model is really tall) with bow and navy blue peterpan collar.

Colour is more like last pic, off-white to creamish colour.
Fits S to small M(not sure of UK sizing)
(sadly, model can't fit, so dress is just held up)

#4 Flower Bursts Has a row of gold buttons.

See what we mean? It looks like a heck load of flowers burst and landed on this dress.
Such a bright, fun print!
Fits S to small M (we're not sure of the UK sizing)

#5 Victoria Blackhem

Everyone needs a little black dress. So why not one like this to stand out!
Frills drapping over the shoulder, billowy sleeves and a very gorgeous cut.
Play with accessories.
Fits up to small UK12

#6 Work And Play V.2
Yes, it's the return of our popular Work And Play!
Navy oversized blazer. By Gregory Poe, a designer for Japan Wacoal.

This time it comes in even better quality and condition than its white counterpart, plus it has pockets.
Has shoulder pads but remove it as you wish.
Fits up to UK12/small UK14

#7 Sailing Mod Squad
Yeap, the blazer's not the only one whose almost identical twin we found!
Remember The Mod Squad?
Apparently the squad went sailing, so here it is with the same cutting, colour, but with a cute anchor design on the front! (click to see it!)
Fits up to UK10
(sadly, model can't fit, dress is just held up. the cutting is much nicer than it looks in the pic, we promise)

[6:44:00 PM]


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